Sunday 10 January 2016

Link Azure Subscription to Visual Studio Team Services Team Project

Inorder to Team Project in Visual Studio Team Services, to use Azure Deployment in build and deployment tasks,  Azure Susbscriptions should be linked to VS Team Service. To link a subscription you can go to team project manage area by clicking on cog wheel icon and going to services tab.image
You can navigate to same by clicking on any Azure related build/release tasks Manage link.image_thumb34
Click on New Service Endpoint and select Azure.image_thumb36
Click on link to download subscription publish settings file. Log in to your Azuer subscription and file will be downloaded.image_thumb40
Or you can
  • Open a Microsoft Azure PowerShell window
  • Type Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile
  • This will open a browser and automatically download your subscription file.
Open the subscription file named “SubscriptiionName.Date-credentials.publishsettings” and locate the SubscriptionId and ManagementCertificate elements.image_thumb51
This will link your Azure subscription to VS Team Services Team Project.image_thumb53

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