Sunday, 19 August 2018

Setting VSTS Release Variable Values At the Time of Creating a Release

VSTS builds have the option to set build variable values at the time of queuing a build. You have to select option for build variable “Settable at queue time” to enable it to be set value at the time of queuing  build. However this feature was not available for VSTS Release and there was a user voice raised here requesting to allow setting release variables at the time of creating a release. As promised by MSFT in that user voice this feature is now available for VSTS Release. Let’s look at how to use it with VSTS web UI and with the VSTS REST API.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Developing Azure Functions in Visual Studio and Creating a Deployment Pipeline Using VSTS

Serverless computing has become a hot topic these days. It is providing you with paying only for the actual time your code is running and resources you are consuming without any worries about infrastructure. Azure functions let you build functions that can scale dynamically based on the needs, with a languages of your choice. When you install Visual Studio Azure Development workload you get templates for developing Azure Functions. Let’s look at how to create a simple Azure Function “Hello World” in Visual Studio and most importantly how to get your CI/CD pipeline ready within couple of minutes.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Solving OutOfMemoryException and Getting NUnit Tests on Visual Studio Test Explorer

It is fun to work with latest tools and frameworks but sometimes errors are bit confusing and searching for fix is not that easy. One team worked with NUnit and .NET 471 and complaint that the when compiling they get outofmemory exception “ NUnit Adapter Test discovery starting Exception System.OutOfMemoryException, Exception converting mytest” . Searching pointed to few links in GitHub issues as shown below but those workarounds seem to be not applicable as .NET framework change back to 462 is not an option.Fix was really simple but looking for a solution sometimes takes time. So let’s explore the problem and the simple fix.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Finding Membership Information of a User/Group/Team in VSTS/TFS

Managing permissions of a VSTS/TFS sometimes become a nightmare specially if you have many teams groups etc. created in your account and in team projects. It is important to have a way to find group membership of an individual or group, so that you can analyze where the memberships are assigned in order to make required maintenance or change permission activities. Lets look at a command which can help you find that information quickly.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Controlling Octopus Releases with VSTS Release Management

You may be using Octopus deploy for your deployment automation pipeline needs while you are having your builds and work items managed in VSTS. It is a good idea to manage the Octopus release pipeline via VSTS release management so that you have the opportunity to use automated test execution and capturing of test results, as well as easily generate release notes using the VSTS work items, using feature rich tasks and automation test results views in VSTS release management. Let’s look at the important steps required to make VSTS release management to successfully utilize your existing Octopus deploy process steps.

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