Monday, 28 May 2018

VSTS Build, node-sass and HTTP 404

When you are building node js projects with VSTS you may encounter some strange errors which are very hard to diagnose due to misleading error messages. node-sass and Http 404 error is one such error making it really hard to fix the issue misleading error message.

2018-05-28T02:44:19.0012193Z npm info lifecycle node-sass@3.13.1~install: node-sass@3.13.1
2018-05-28T02:44:19.0012339Z Cannot download "":
2018-05-28T02:44:19.0012528Z HTTP error 404 Not Found

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Securing Build Definitions When Multiple Teams Work on a Single Team Project

Securing a build definition is quite straight forward when an organization uses multiple team projects in VSTS/TFS to handle different applications they develop. Each team project build administration can be assigned to different individuals easily. There are organizations using a single team project to manage all of their applications, dividing them into teams inside a single team project. Let's look at possibilities of securing each application teams' builds in single team project for organization scenario.

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