Friday 7 April 2017

Setup yo team

yo team is a great NPM package by Donovan Brown, to automate creation of build and release pipelines. You can use it to generate app with CI/CD in Team Foundation Server 2017 or Visual Studio Team Services. In this post let’s look at how to get it installed, for you to use it to generate CI/CD pipelines

The first requirement is to install node.js and npm latest. You can download it from Instruction on installing on windows is here. You can verify the installed version of node and npm by running below commands.

  • npm –v
  • node -vimage

Install git following the instructions in 

Install yeoman command line by running npm install –g yo . For more information refer

In a PowerShell window  type yo to see the yeoman options. Select install a generator and hit Enter.image

Search for team in npm.


In the list of generators locate the team Generates an app with CI/CD in Team Foundation server or Team Services and hit enter to install.image

Now you can run yo team and start working with package. In a next post let’s see what we can do with this package.image

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