Sunday 30 July 2017

Show Hidden Fields with Empty Values for Edit - Kanban Cards - Team Services

With the latest release to Team Services Kanban Card has been added with a new feature. Previously, if you want to edit a value in a field that is currently empty, in the Kanban Card You  had to keep it showing even if value is empty. With the new feature available now you can let Kanban Card to hide a field, if it is empty and expand the Card to show empty fields  so that you can edit them.

You can let the empty fields in your Kanban Card hidden.image

This will hide a field if it has empty value, even if you have selected the field to show in Kanban Card.


When you hover your mouse over a Card you can now see a chevron  which allows you to expand the Card.image

Once you expand you can now see the selected fields for the card even if they currently have empty values. You can edit the fields on the Card and you can collapse the card using the chevron, to hide the empty value fields. image

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