Thursday 6 December 2018

Draft Pull Request in Azure Git Repos

Pull Request are the controlled way to bring in the changes to your stable branches in your Azure Git repos, or for that matter all Git providers support Pull Requests. In Azure DevOps now you can create Pull Request as a draft so that it is giving the ability to developers to getting it ready and prevent it from being completed accidently by the reviewers. Let’s look at simple steps involved in creating Pull Request as a draft in Azure Repos.

When you are creating a Pull Request in Azure Git Repo, click the down arrow in Create button and click Create as draft.image

Such a draft Pull Request will be marked as draft near its ID.image

These Pull Requests cannot be completed until they are published. There is an option to abandon the draft Pull request if required.image

However, you can still share this pull request and perform few additional operations on it as shown below.image

Adding work items or more commits or reviewers is possible while in Draft mode. While in draft mode it is possible to review and add comments on the changes required as in a normal Pull Request. image

Once you publish the Pull Request it can be completed or abandoned. you can see the pull request is marked as Active near its Id once it is published. It is possible to change an Active Pull Request back to Draft mode by clicking on Mark as draft as shown below.image

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