Sunday 28 July 2019

Customizing Columns in Your Azure DevOps Sprint/Task Boards

Kanban flow of the Azure Boards for user stories, features or other top level back log boards was a feature available in Azure DevOps Boards for a long time. However, it was not possible to change the sprint board columns in Azure DevOps, without introducing new states to Task work item or any work item which is using sprint board previously. This long awaited community request has been now completed and available in Azure DevOps services. Azure DevOps on-premise server does not have this feature we can hope it would be added to the on-premise server eventually. Let’s look at how we can customize the columns in the Sprint boards with this new feature.
In your sprint boards now you can find a Column Options button available.

Once you click Column Options a side pane will open allowing you to customize the columns of the Sprint/Task board.

1 – You can click + Add Column button to add a new column.
2 – You can drag and drop to reorder columns, except the first and the last columns.
3 – You can remove a column except first and the last column using delete button of each column.
4 – You can change the name of the column. It is possible to even change the column name of first and last columns as well.
5 – Select an available state to a column. It is not possible to change the state of the first or the last column.
6 – Save button can be clicked to apply the changes to the sprint/task board.

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