Wednesday 10 July 2013

TFS 2013 - Team Rooms

Another exciting feature that would come with TFS 2013, is Team Rooms for Team collaboration. It is already available in Team Foundation Service even though it is not 100% working (of course as expected in a preview).

This will be one of new features added to Team Web Access for team collaboration. Team members can create separate rooms - say Developer Room, QA Room, Common Room etc for their team project. team members can chat on the rooms, include hyperlinks to work items (with #WorkitemId like #7050). Events can be configured to appear in the rooms, based on different events that may happen as the project activities go on. For example when a code review requested or  even when work item changed you can configure to create an event in the room.

Here are few screen shots taken from Team Foundation Service for you to have a glimpse on what is going to come as Team Rooms with TFS 2013.

1. Entry point to team rooms as of now.

2. Have a chat


3.Create a new room

4. Add members to the room

5. Manage events in the room

For further details refer

Await for more new features with TFS 2013... :)

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