Thursday 19 December 2013

01. Create a PDC in an Isolated Internal Network - Setup Virtual Environment for TFS 2013 - Using Virtualbox

This is the first step of Setup Virtual Environment for TFS 2013 - Using Virtualbox. Today I'm going to guide step by step on how to configure a primary domain controller (PDC) on an isolated network environment with Virtual Box.

01. Create a virtual hard disk (.vhd) in virtual box and install Windows 2008 R2 SP1(If you prefer to have Windows 2012 server you can use it as well and all steps more or less similar). Refer this post if you want more information or here is the manual. You can refer to this you tube video as well. Install the Guest Additions to get more control over the VM and host.

02. Once you are ready with the virtual box VM with Win2008R2SP1 shut down the VM and make copy of the virtual box hard disk. Name it as BaseWin2008R2SP1.vhd and keep it as the base hard disk so that you can use it to create other VMs required.

Whenever you want to create a new Win2008R2SP1 VM in virtual box, just make copy of the BaseWin2008R2SP1.vhd and name it as you wish. Then change the uuid as shown here and create a virtual box machine with that .vhd.

03. Now create a VM for PDC using the BaseWin2008R2SP1.vhd as described in above step. Set the network adapter as shown in below image. Provide a name for the Internal Network of Virtual box network(in my case it is For more information about different network options with virtual box refer here.

04. Set the other options of the PDC VM as shown below.

05. Start PDC VM and Open Network options and configure an IP. I chose

06. Change the VM name as PDC and restart.

07. After restart completed in the run window type dcpromo and hit return key

06. Active Directory Domain Service binaries will be installed and a wizard will popup.

07. Choose advance mode of installation.

08. Create a new domain in new forest

09. Give a name to root domain.

10. If you want a different name for the domain you can change the suggested name.

11. Set the functional level to Window 2008 R2 since we will not be adding additional domain controllers any way.

12. Configure DNS server.

say yes here

13. give a password that you can remember.

14. verify all selected options and hit next.

15. Restart the PDC

16. Password will be the password you have given for the administrator of the machine when you initially set up the machine.

17. PDC is ready now

18. Go to firewall and enable network discovery and file and printer sharing for the domain.

19. Verify IPv4 network properties.

20. Go to server manager and set DNS options as shown below.

If IPv6 is set here change it to IP of IPv4.(Right click to get properties)

If you do not understand exactly what you not worry much. Believe me... I did not understand it very much when I did it for the first time..)  and I ruined few attempts. After going through several networking articles figured it out a bit and got some help from networking expert to make it to this far.

So we are done with our primary domain controller. In the next post we can have a look at how to create a VM for TFS server and add it to our newly created domain.

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