Wednesday 28 May 2014

Resolve Windows Installer Runs Continuously in TFS Lab Environment Machine - Windows 2012 - SQL 2012 SP1

Today I came across some strange error when a lab environment machine CUIT was run. This Coded UI Test supposed to launch a installsheild setup to install a n application (I was testing a Installer built with InstallSheild using Coded UI Tests).

My test was repeatedly failing with the InstallSheild  setup cannot run due to "Another installation is running" error message.

Task Manager showing a Windows Installer is running.


Reboot the server still no good after few minutes the windows installer starts and running continuously. I tried let it run couple of hours to finish what it was doing, and it was keep on running.

Started search in WWW and after about half an hour came across this question and answer.

As the answer confirmed the issue was with SQL 2012 SP1 . I downloaded and installed Non Security Update for SQL Server 2012 SP1 (KB2793634) and finally the issue resolved. No more continuously running windows installer and all are good, I could run my CUIT to test the InstallSheild setup.

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