Thursday 22 January 2015

TFS 2013.4 Version Control – Enhanced Web Portal – Part 2

I have explained few of the enhancements available in TFS Web Portal for Version Control in Part 1. There are lot more really useful enhancements available.

1. It is possible to view a file as of in a given changeset and download the changeset version of the file to local machine.
2. Explore as a changeset version allows to view entire solution as of that particular version.

As of changeset version can be explored.
3. Download a solution as of a changeset version.
4. Annotate a chageset version of a file.
19 20

5. Compare a file for given two changesets.
6. Shelveset exploring has similar capabilities to changesets except few like explore as of version which is obvious since it is not committed, so no version is available.
22 23
View shelveset content, add comments/discussions, download shelveset file(s), compare with changesets are few of the available features.
23_1  23_2
7. Sharing a changeset as an email, enhances team collaboration.

Can share with multiple team members and add more custom content to email is possible.

Discussions etc. of the changeset are shrared via email and links are added for easy access.
8. Similar to changeset a shelveset can also be shared via email.
9. Rename history of the files can be viewed and show hide options available.
10. Branched history of file can be viewed with show hide options.
Let’s have look in to more new useful features of TFS2013.4 in coming posts.

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