Friday 8 July 2016

Deploy .dacpc to Azure DB via VS Team Services Release–Using Hosted Agents

To deploy a .dacpac to Azure DB with VS Team Services you can use “Azure SQL Database Deployment” task. image

Setup either Azure Classic service endpoint or Azure RM Service endpoint in the, Team Services team project. image

In a build or release definition add an “Azure SQL Database Deployment”  task.  Both classic and RM based setting up shown below.image


  1. Path to the .dacpac file. (build artifact drop path when used in a release definition)
  2. Azure DB server name
  3. Azure DB name
  4. Azure DB Server user name
  5. Azure DB Server user password
  6. Specify firewall rule to use AutoDetect and delete the rule once done.



or you have the option of setting firewall rule like below to get it working. Since you are deleting rule once done this is ok. But it is not that secure to allow all IPs like below.image

This can successfully deploy the .dacpac file to Azure DB using VS Team Services Release.image



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