Saturday 6 August 2016

Download Artifacts–VSTS/TFS Extension Updated–Issue Fix and Enhancements

The VSTS/TFS Release extension Download Artifacts, had an issue of failing if there is spaces in the build definition name or build drop UNC paths. This issue has been fixed with the latest version 1.1.15.
Updating from version 1.0.18 to 1.1.15 requires to edit the release definition and save it to, fix parameter not found issues, for removed input parameters.

Provided facility to download sub folders or files, without downloading the entire artifact folder. Source build information is now automatically picked. No Need to provide additional parameters for it.
Artifact Names/Paths to Download separated by ;. Example *(default) as artifact names allow all artifacts download. Multiple artifacts can be specified with pattern Drop1;Drop2. Artifact name with sub path allows to download sub item of a given artifact. Multiple can be specified with pattern Drop1\MyWebProj;Drop1\ReleaseNote.html;Drop2;Drop3\MyWebProj2 . Wild cards in paths are NOT SUPPORTED. * value as default supported to specify all artifacts.DownloadArtifacts-01

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