Friday 8 September 2017

Download Offline Installer for VS 2017

There is no ISO available to download for VS2017. You can view why Microsoft did not make ISO available, is discussed in here. However if you want to download VS 2017 to perform an offline installation you can follow the steps described below.

  • Download the relevant VS installation .exe (for example vs_enterprise__984310617.1489458965.exe).
  • Copy it to your local hard drive folder let’s say E:\Install
  • Create a folder to download installation files say E:\Install\VS2017 (can be in a different path such as D:\VS2017)
  • Open command prompt as administrator and change the directory to where your downloaded .exe is available
  • Execute the command below

downlaoded.vs.install.exe --layout pathtodownload

Example: vs_enterprise__984310617.1489458965.exe --layout E:\Install\VS2017 

This will download the files required to the folder you specified. image

It is recommended that you run the install the updates to VS via VS or by downloading the latest installation .exe, after you have done the installation of VS 2017 from the offline mode using the downloaded files as described above.

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