Saturday 18 May 2019

Join a Personal Azure DevOps Organization to a Company Domain

You might have started using Azure DevOps using Microsoft accounts. Later you may have established a company and may want to move the current Microsoft account based Azure DevOps organization to work with your company active directory users. Let’s look at the steps required to join a personal Microsoft account based Azure DevOps organization to a company domain.

Connecting to Company Azure AD
Step1: Have your company on-premises Active Directory (AD) domain integrated with the Azure Active directory. How to get on-premises AD sync with Azure AD can be found in below links.
Step2: Log on to your Azure DevOps organization with the organizations owner Microsoft account. Go to Organization settings –> Users tab and add the company domain user to the users.

Step3: Grant the new user Project collection admin access in the security tab of the organization settings.
Step4: Open a private browser window and log on to the Azure DevOps organization with the company domain user added. You need to log on from the company user to the Azure DevOps at least once before making the user the owner of the organization in the next step.
Step5: While logged in from the Microsoft account which is the Azure DevOps organization owner, change the ownership of the organization to the company domain user, in the organization settings overview page.
Step6: Log on to the Azure DevOps Organization with the company domain user. Go to organization settings –>Azure Active Directory tab. Then click connect directory and select your company Azure AD name and click connect.
Your Azure DevOps organization is now connected to the Azure AD of your company. You need to sign out and close all browsers and sign in again to start using the Azure DevOps organization.

Disconnecting from Company Azure AD
If you wish to disconnect the Azure DevOps organization from the Azure AD of the company you can do so by clicking on Disconnect Directory in the Azure Active Directory tab of the Organizations setting page. The user log on must be the organization owner to perform disconnection.

In the popup dialog provide the organization name and disconnect.
Once disconnected you have to sign out and sign in again to use the Azure DevOps organization. Afterwards even you can transfer the ownership from the company account to a personal Microsoft account if required.

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