Monday 14 October 2019

Import BitBucket Cloud Repo to Azure Git Repo

Azure DevOps being a comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management tool provides Azure Git Repos as the distributed version control system which can be easily integrated with, Azure Boards to track requirements, and Azure Pipelines and Azure Tests, implement build and deployment automations as well as test management and test automation. If you are already a BitBucket cloud git repo user you may want to move your repos in BitBucket could to the Azure Git Repos to get the advantages it offers, with totally integrated set of Azure DevOps features. Let’s look at the steps required to import a BitBucket cloud repo with history to Azure Git Repos.

First go to BitBucket cloud and in you profile setting setup an app password.

Provide repo read permission scope and create app password with a meaningful label.

Copy and save the app password as you would not be able to see it one you close the prompt.

Go to the BitBucket repository you want to clone and click Clone and copy the HTTPS clone url.

Then go to Azure DevOps team project and click on import repo in repos section.

In the popup provide the clone url of the BitBucket repo and a new name for the target repo. Select requires authentication and provide the bitbucket username (clone url contains that), and the app password you generated. Then click import.

Import will start and you will see the progress.

Once completed you will see the repo imported with history and all branches.

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