Friday 23 October 2020

Selecting Particular Source CI YAM Pipeline Build While Manually Triggering a YAML CD/Release Pipeline

In classic release pipelines in Azure DevOps you can pick which build to use in the linked build artifacts, easily at the create time. The new norm of implementing pipelines with Azure DevOps is becoming YAML way, allowing to keep your pipelines as code and version controlled. How to Separate CI and CD considerations to individual YAML pipelines was discussed in the post “Trigger Deployment YAML Pipeline Once YAML Build Completed”. Therefore, it is important to know how we can select a particular build, when we trigger a deployment/CD YAML pipeline manually. Let’s compare a classic pipeline triggering manually and YAML CD pipeline triggering manually to understand the difference.

YAML CD/Release Pipelines

In a YAML CD pipeline which is using a source pipeline (using a source pipeline with YAML CD pipeline is explained in post “Trigger Deployment YAML Pipeline Once YAML Build Completed”), you can see Resources in the Run pipeline popup when you try to run the CD pipeline.

Once you click on the Resources you will see linked CI pipelines listed. Click on a given CI pipeline.

In the list of runs for the CI pipeline you can select one of the runs and click “Use selected run” button to use that CI run as the source for the manually triggering YAML CD pipeline.

Then you can run the CD YAML pipeline and it will be using your selected CI pipeline as the source pipeline.

Classic Release Pipelines

In classic release pipelines you can select the builds to use for the release, using the artifact drop down, for each linked source build, in the create release popup when manually triggering a release.

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