Friday 16 September 2022

View More lines in VS Code Integrated Terminal

VS Code might be your favourite development tool to develop in any language in any platform. It has integrated terminals, for PowerShell, comand prompt, Git Bash, WSL  Azure Cloud shell etc. You may find missing teminal logs specially when you run commands producing larger logs for review such as terraform plan or bicep with --what-if. By default integrated terminal in VS Code only displays last 1000 lines. Let's look at how we can increase the number of log lines in the VS code integrated terminal.

For this you have to go to File --> Preferences-->Settings in VS Code. Then search for   terminal.integrated.scrollback. You can increase the number here to your preferred number of lines and you will see that much of log lines in your VS code integrated terminal. However, you should not increase it to insane number as it does not make sense to read through really large number of logs manually.


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