Tuesday 25 February 2014

06. Setup a Build Server - Setup Virtual Environment for TFS 2013 - Using Virtualbox

In this step of Setup Virtual Environment for TFS 2013 - Using Virtualbox, I will explain how to setup a build server for TFS.

01. First setup an account in PDC as TFS build service

02. Set up a new virtual machine in Oracle Virtual Box for TFS Build server. Set network to isolated internal network.

03. Change the machine name,, set IP and add to domain.

04. Select restart later and add TFA Admin account to local administrators group.

05. Restart the machine and login as TFS Admin.


06. Enable File and Printer sharing for the domain, to allow network access.

07. Run mmc and add Group Policy Object snap in to change local computer policies.

08. Add build service account for Log on as a service.

09. Install TFS.

10. Run build service configuration wizard.

11. Select the team project collection

12. If  any issues related to selecting TFS server go to IE options and add tfs root to trusted sites.

13. TFS server can be connected with added to trusted sites. Select the project collection for the build server.

14. Set the number of build agents depending on the number of CPU cores.

15. Set the build service account.

16. Review and configure.

17. Close the wizard and  start the build service, controller and agents.

Oops. Something is wrong. Service starts and stops suddenly. Done some search and really useful info here http://nakedalm.com/tfs-2012-issue-stuck-builds-in-team-foundation-build-with-no-build-number/

But the issue of multiple site bindings was not an issue for me here. So I did not proceed to set multipleSiteBindingsEnabled to true as specified in the above link.

18. After hour or two of search in www without any other valid solution just tried ping the TFS server from the build server. Since its shown resolving with IPv6 added below to hosts file.

19. It did the trick and Build Services are up and running for my TFS environment.

The next step is to install Visual Studio versions and any other required stuff in build server to support the developments solutions build, which I will not explain here.

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Unknown said...

Tip for Step 11
Sometime, TFS Server becomes unavailable after reboot. Most of the time this may be because the firewall has changed on the TFS Server.

Got to the firewall (TFS Server) and allow the domain access to TFS Application.


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