Friday 9 December 2016

Setup SonarQube Analysis with TFS Builds

Setting up a Sonarqube server is explained in the post “Setting Up Sonar Server for TFS”.  Sonar analysis helps to identify the technical debt in the source code of your project. Running it integrated with team service or TFS builds add more value by automating the quality checks with sonar server.

To run Sonarqube analysis for a project with TFS follow the steps described below.

Thursday 1 December 2016

Setting Up Sonar Server for TFS

SonarQube helps to check overall health of your source code.This allows you to write cleaner code and it will improve your code base dramatically. SonarQube is capable of integrating into CI engines and facilitate DevOps by providing code quality measurements. It supports multiple languages and makes it easy for you to detects bugs in your code. Qaulity management of your code bases can be centralized and integration with TFS server and Team services is seamless. Lets look at setting up a SonarQube server to be used with TFS.

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