Monday 16 August 2021

User Assigned Managed identity for Azure App Services with Bicep

 We have discussed how we can setup system assigned identity and use it to assign roles in Azure app Config service in the post "Role Assignment with Azure Bicep". IF we are using managed identity as system assigned each of the web app, function app will have different identity and granting permissions in a service such as Azure App Config service would need to add multiple role assignement, assigning each app system assigned managed identity with the required role to read configs. However, if you use a single user assigned identity to all the app service apps, you can use single role assignment in the required service. Let's explore how to create and assign user assigned ident step by step in Azure Bicep infrastructure as code.

Saturday 7 August 2021

Role Assignment with Azure Bicep

Assigning roles in Azure resource is required step in infrastructure deployments. Azure Bicep supports assigning roles to Azure resources 'Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments' resource template. Let's take an example scenario to identify how to setup role assignment.

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