Friday 27 July 2018

Finding Membership Information of a User/Group/Team in VSTS/TFS

Managing permissions of a VSTS/TFS sometimes become a nightmare specially if you have many teams groups etc. created in your account and in team projects. It is important to have a way to find group membership of an individual or group, so that you can analyze where the memberships are assigned in order to make required maintenance or change permission activities. Lets look at a command which can help you find that information quickly.

Saturday 14 July 2018

Controlling Octopus Releases with VSTS Release Management

You may be using Octopus deploy for your deployment automation pipeline needs while you are having your builds and work items managed in VSTS. It is a good idea to manage the Octopus release pipeline via VSTS release management so that you have the opportunity to use automated test execution and capturing of test results, as well as easily generate release notes using the VSTS work items, using feature rich tasks and automation test results views in VSTS release management. Let’s look at the important steps required to make VSTS release management to successfully utilize your existing Octopus deploy process steps.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Securing Release Definitions When Multiple Teams Work on a Single Team Project

We have explored “Securing Build Definitions When Multiple Teams Work on a Single Team Project” in a previous post. Now the folders to group release definitions and applying permissions to isolate each team’s release definitions is also a possibility in VSTS. As we discussed in the “Securing Build Definitions When Multiple Teams Work on a Single Team Project” it is important to create the Build/Release admins VSTS permission group for each of the teams in the team project. Using the same admins group and the team we can setup permissions for release definitions folders. Let’s look at the steps in detail.

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Integrating VSTS Package Feed to Octopus

Octopus deploy is used by many organizations as their continuous deployment tool. You can send a package to Octopus deploy server via VSTS build or release step, using  “Push Packages to Octopus” task comes with VSTS Marketplace extension named Octopus integration. However, if you prefer to use VSTS Package Management to store your packages, you can now consume them in Octopus by integrating with the VSTS Package Management feed. Let’s look at how to setup Octopus to consume VSTS Package Management feed packages. (We have discussed how to use VSTS Package Management feed as artifact source in VSTS Release Management in a previous post “Using NuGet Packages as VSTS Release Artifact Source”)

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