Thursday 31 January 2019

Copying a Build Definition to Another Team Project in a Different Azure DevOps Organization

You can easily clone a build and create a new build definition in the same team project. This is useful when you have similar type of applications to be built. However, if you want to clone a build definition to another team project, or for that matter to a different Azure DevOps Organization, you cannot use the clone as it always creates it in the same team project. For task groups you can use import and export to get them copied over to a different team project or even to  a different team project in a different Azure DevOps organization. Let’s look at how to export and import a build definition from a team project into a different team project in a different Azure DevOps organization.

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Pull Request Report for Azure Git Repos

When you have several repos in your team project and if you want to obtain a report of pending pull requests, or even completed pull requests, you can use widget available here in your dashboards.Additionally pull request count widget also available in here. Individual repo based pull request dashboard widget also available in Azure DevOps. However, if you want a custom report, you can use REST API and create your own report.

Sunday 6 January 2019

Deploying ASP.NET Core App to Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)–Setting Up Azure DevOps Pipeline Manually–Step By Step Guide–Part 2

In the part 1 of this post, enabling Docker support for ASP.NET Core app and building and pushing the Docker image to Azure Container Service, using Azure DevOps build pipeline with simple steps was described. The image is tagged with the build Id and it is pushed to the Azure Container Registry, so that it can be later deployed to a container orchestrator to run the container. Helm is used to get he deployment done to AKS via Azure DevOps when creating a an ASP.NET Core App, Container Registry and AKS, then getting it deployed automatically with few clicks using Azure Projects as described in the post “Deploy ASP.NET Core App to AKS with Azure DevOps Project”. Let’s look at getting the container image in Azure Container Registry deployed to AKS with three simple steps without using Helm, with Azure Pipelines.

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