Sunday 28 May 2023

Dynamically Adding Virtual Network Rules to Azure Cognitive Account Using Terraform

 To enable access to various Azure resources via given virtual networks and subnets, we have to setup allowd subnets using virtual network rules in Azure resources. For example Azure Cognitive Account can be restricted to access only from given virtual networks and subnets. This requirement of allowed virtual networks and subnets may changed based on the deploying environment such as develop, qa or production. Let's look at how to write a terraform dynamic block to handle such scenarios, using Azure Cognitive Account virtual network rule as example, which can be used in other Azure resources as well.

Full sample code with  Azure Cognitive Account is available here in GitHub.

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Store Azure SignalR Connection String as a Secret in Azure Key Vault with Bicep IaC

  We can create Azure SignalR and Azure key vault as resources using Bicpe IaC (Infrastructure as Code). Setting up of SignalR connection string as a Secret in Azure Key Vault via IaC is important, so that it can be used by applications by refering to key vault secret. Let's look at the steps required to store the Azure SignalR connection string as a secret in Azure key vault with Bicep.

Sunday 7 May 2023

Create Key Vault Reference in Azure App Config Service with Bicep IaC

 We have discussed "Store Azure Service Bus Connection String  as a Secret in Azure Key Vault with Bicep IaC" previously. Setting such a secret in Azure App configuration service as a key vault reference will help the applications to access the connection string to Azure service bus via the app config service. This is applicable to setting up reference to any secret in Azure key vault, as Azure key vault reference in Azure app configuration service, via Bicep as Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Let's look at the steps required.

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