Friday 30 July 2021

Passing Array Parameter to Bicep Scrip via Azure DevOps Pipeline

 Bicep infrastructure as code allows us to pass array parameters and write loop structure of script to deploy multiple resources to Azure. we can define json array as parameter value in an Azure DevOps variable to pass it as an array parameter to Bicep using a pipeline. However, it would be more appropriate to define varible values in much simpler way such as specifying ; separated value set which can be converted into a json string as in Azure pipeline before passing it to Bicep script. An example would be list of database names to create in the same Azure SQL elastic pool.

Saturday 17 July 2021

Running Bicep IaC with GitHub Actions

 We have discussed deploying Bicep script using an Azure DevOps pipeline in a pervious post. We have explored having a approvals working with GitHub actions in the post "Manual Approval in GitHub Actions".  Let's utilize manual approvals and deploy Bicep script with GitHub actions.

Saturday 3 July 2021

Manual Approval in GitHub Actions

Before deploying to an environment with GitHub actions, you may need to implement a manual approval, especially in production environment. If it is a infrastructure deployment pipeline you may need even implement approvals for development environments to avoid unstable environments due to infrastructure failures. You may want to check what happens if you deploy Bicep or Terraform script, and then approve the execution to the target environment. Let's try to understand how to implement a manual approval step in GitHub actions

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