Thursday 18 March 2021

Deploying Azure Resource Group with Ansible Play Book Using Custom Ubuntu 18.04 VM

In a previous post we have discussed how to setup Ansible on Azure Ubuntu 18.04 VM. We can start using Ansible and execute play books to deploy Infrastructure on Azure cloud. Let’s look at how we can get started with deploying resources to Azure using an Ansible playbook, on the VM we created with Ansible as explained in the post “Install Ansible to Use Python3 on Azure Ubuntu 18.04 VM”.

Friday 5 March 2021

Open SSH Connection in VS Code to Azure Ubuntu VM to Perform Remote Development

VS Code is a useful development tool which can be used on any platform to develop code in any language of your preference. In an Azure Ubuntu VM without setting up the desktop remote access, you may want to perform development work and may want to perform debugging activities, as you are doing with local files in a Linux environment. You can use ssh extension for VS Code and create ssh connection to a VM in Azure or anywhere over ssh and work connected to the remote Linux, MacOS or Windows machines via VS Code. Let’s look at steps to connect to a Ubuntu VM on Azure using a VS Code in Windows 10 local machine.

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