Friday 25 November 2022

Create Azure CNI based AKS Cluster with Application Gateway Ingress Controller (AGIC) Using Terraform

AKS clusters can be created with two networking types Kubenet (basic networking) and Azure CNI (advanced networking). If you are using Windows nodes as well in your AKS cluster you must use Azure CNI (Container Networking Interface).  Application gatway ingress controller is a great way to setup Ingress for AKS. Let's look at terraform code to deploy Azure CNI based AKS with AGIC.

Saturday 19 November 2022

Resolve "BadRequest message: error: code: InUseSubnetCannotBeDeleted" with Bicep IaC

 Bicep is really simple and easy to implement infrastructure as Code tool for Azure. However, there is a bit of an issue with subnet resource when we try to redeploy. Even without no changes Bicep is trying to delete and create subnet resources and cmplaining a subnet cannot be deleted, because the resources are using it. Let's try to understand the problem and a solution to fix the issue.

Friday 11 November 2022

Create Deployment Groups Dynamically in Azure DevOps Release Pipeline

 Deployment groups are used in Azure DevOps classic release pipelines to define groups of targets an application should be deployed. We may sometime need to create these deployment groups dyamically based on the stage we are running in release pipeline. Let's look at the sample PowerShell code to use for creating depployment group dynamically, using Azure DevOps REST API, and how to use it in a pipeline.

Saturday 5 November 2022

Azure Redis Connectivity Checker App

Here is a simple .NET application to test connectivity to Azure Redis Cache. The application code is available in GitHub chamindac/RedisConnectionChecker. Refer the video for more details.

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