Thursday 25 April 2024

Installing Mising Fonts in windowsservercore-ltsc2022 Docker Image Using Azure Pipelines with az acr build

 The missing fonts in windowsservercore-ltsc2022  docker images can be installed as described in the blog post here. However, when we are not using hosted agents, and when we use kubernetes based self hosted build agents, we do not have access to host machine, to perform the all steps described in the post "Adding optional font packages to Windows containers". Since docker is not supported on self hosted build agent running as container in AKS, we have to use az acr build to build the docker images in such cases. To setup fonts in this kind of a situation in a Azure DevOps pipeline we can take the steps described in this post.

Monday 15 April 2024

Dynamically Control Matrix of Jobs in GitHub Actions Based on Input Parameter Value

 We can use matrix in GitHub Actions to use a single defnition of job to create multiple jobs as described here in the documentation. Let's say we input the list of application names we want to build, as an input parameter to the action workflow, and need to have the ability to remove the items from the app list at the time of triggering it manually (run workflow). For example, we have 4 apps by default. However, when we need we should be able to build only one or two out of them using the same action workflow without having to change, the workflow defintion. In this post let's explore how we can achieve that with GitHub actions workflow, utilizing the matrix strategy, and dynamical setting the matrix value.

Friday 5 April 2024

Loop Jobs based on Parameter Value in Azure DevOps Pipelines

 Consider a situation where we want to perform same set of steps in a pipeline, multiple times. A good example would be building or deloying multiple apps, using same set of steps. Let's explore this example to understand how we can loop through set of pipeline steps, to build multiple apps using a list of app names provided as a parameter in the pipeline.

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