Wednesday 15 November 2023

Installing .NET 8 Runtime on Ubuntu 22.04 Docker Image

 .NET 8 was release on November 14. There are docker container images for .NET 8 available for dotnet runtime and can be found with tag list here . However, if you want to setup .NET 8 runtime on another specific Linux docker image for example on ubuntu:jammy , amd64/ubuntu:22.04 or with a special image such as ffmpeg Linux server image linuxserver/ffmpeg:amd64-version-6.0-cli, where you might want to run your .NET app to use ffmpeg, In such cases, where you you might have to setup .NET 8 runtime on a specific docker image, with your other tools readily available, details mentioned may come in handy.   Lets, see how we can install .NET 8 runtime on base Ubuntu 22.04 images, using a docker file.

Installing .NET 8.0 SDK on WSL

 WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux) is a great way to work with Linux on Windows. .NET 8 is released on November 14th, and let's see how we can get .NET 8 SDK setup on WSL to build and test our .NET 8 apps on Linux on a windows machine.

What we want is when we do a dotnet --list-sdks to see the .NET 8 available in WSL. 

Saturday 11 November 2023

Terraform vs Azure Portal Defaults for Azure Storage Soft Delete

 Azure storage support soft deletion of blobs, blob containers and file shares. When we create a storage account usng Azure portal, by default soft deletion will be enabled with 7 day retention.

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