Sunday 18 August 2013

ALM - Productivity Enhancements - VS 2013 Peek Definition (Enhanced "Go To Definition")

How many time you lost the code segment you were looking at, when try to "Go To Definition" (F12) few time with VS Text Editor (Code Window)? Upcoming VS 2013 going to have a great feature enabling us much more..and a BIG thank must go to MS for giving us this cool..great feature called "Peek Definition" (Alt+F12).

To explain what it is, I am going to use a very simple and doing nothing application. The application contains Class Library and Window Form app which is referring the class library.

Class Library has two classes, Class1 and Class2. The Class1 has a method "GeMgs" calling "GetMessage" method in Class2.

The windows application button click event is calling Class1 "GetMgs" method.

Lets close all other code windows except the code window of Form1 which is having the button click event. Click on GetMsgs method and press "Alt+F12". New feature "Peek Definition" is in action and you can see you current code shifts down and the Class1, "GetMgs" appears in a preview window.

Can we peek definition inside preview window opened? Yes we can. Let's click on "GetMessage" and press "Alt+F12".

Class2 "GetMessage" appears in preview window and you can see navigation buttons also appear in the window.

By clicking navigation buttons you can navigate back and forth.

Great, isn't it?

Awesome !!! The enhanced scroll bar preview, I explained in my previous post, even works inside the Peek Definition preview window.

Amazing thing about this new feature is that we have not gone out of the code segment we were originally in. In this instance we are still in the Form1 button click, and once you hit "ESC" (escape) button Peek Definition preview window will disappear.

Full list of keyboard shortcuts of Peek Definition feature  and more information available at

Await for more productivity enhancements in VS 2013.. and enjoy coding with VS 2013..

Thursday 15 August 2013

ALM - Productivity Enhancements - VS 2013 Enhanced Scrollbar

Enhanced Scroll bar is simple, but very useful feature included in upcoming VS 2013. Lets have a look what we can do with this.

To enable this feature you can right click on the scroll bar of the text editor -- > Select Scroll Bar Options.

You will get the below window where you can set the options as per your preference.

Once you enable Medium or Wide mode you can see the break points, bookmarks and lot of other information.

You can preview the areas of code that is not visible using the preview tool tip option by moving your mouse over the scroll bar.

Once you click on scroll bar you will be navigate to the code you previewed. Still you can see the cursor position in original place you left as in below image.

Once you click on code the cursor position correctly indicated in scroll bar.

Explore more with enabling and disabling options in Scroll Bar Options window... and enjoy VS 2013...

Wednesday 7 August 2013

TFS 2012 - Voluntary Feedback with Feedback Client

Providing feedback (response) for the feedback requests is the most commonly known way of using TFS 2012 Feedback Client. I will explain another use of feedback client which gives option to provide feedback without a feedback request. This will be really useful if you want suggestions from Client, QA members or even from Developers, not to be logged as Bug work Items. You have option to provide them as voluntary feedback response and later analyze and act upon them.

If you need more fields to capture additional data to record suggestions, of course you can customize the Feedback Response work item type.

Lets see how we can use TFS Feedback Response as voluntary feedback.

Once you download ( and install TFS 2012 Feedback Client you can launch it as shown in below image.

 Select the Team Project


You can see the feedback client launched

Provide the Title and any comments for the feedback. You can capture the desktop activities including voice, screenshots or other attachments.

Once the feedback is submitted you can view it in Web Access or Visual Studio.

You can download and view added screenshots.

Play the video file.

You can see more information on the below blog posts, they are really useful information.

You may come across below error when try to capture screen on windows 2008 or 2012 server.

Follow the below steps to fix the issue.

1. Open Server Manager

2. Add Features and select Desktop Experience and other required components

3. Install the feature

4. Restart and you are good to go

Monday 5 August 2013

TFS 2013 Web Access - Comments on Changesets

You can add comments on changesets/shelvesets in web access, with TFS 2013 preview. This again a very effective way to communicate more information on the changes made in the changeset in addition to the default comment.

It is very simple to add a comment and it is possible for you to modify/delete the comments added on changeset/shelveset. May be this can even be used to do code reviews on changesets.

Let see how to add comments

1. Go to web access Code--> Changesets and open a chageset. you can see comparison view of the code files modified. Highlight a portion of code and click on the small icon appear on left side of code.

2. Type in comments and hit Return key to save.

Any other team member can reply to these comments. Unlike the team room chat this is not recorded as history. If you delete comment it is completely deleted.

Only problem I see with this feature is that you cannot view this outside of Web Access. Simply you cannot see these comments in VS when you view the changeset.

Still it is a cool feature comes with TFS 2013... and await for more...

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