Sunday 31 March 2024

Update Azure Pipeline Library Group Variable Value in Azure Pipeline using CLI

We can set a variable value in Azure piplines using task.setvariable. This will only set a variable in the pipeline but not in a variable group. If we want to set a variable in a library variable group in Azure DevOps, we have to use command line azure-devops extension  for Azure CLI. Let's explore how to update a library variable group variable value using Azure pipeline step.

Saturday 16 March 2024

Deploying Kubernetes Event Drivern Autoscaling (KEDA) with Azure Pipelines Using Helm

 We have discussed how to deploy KEDA using helm in the post "Setting Up Kubernetes Event Drivern Autoscaling (KEDA) in AKS with Workload Identity" .  Instead of deploying KEDA manually it is better to automate the deployment. Let's look at the steps to get KEDA deployed using Azure pipelines.

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