Friday 26 February 2021

Install Ansible to Use Python3 on Azure Ubuntu 18.04 VM

Ansible is an open-source configuration and infrastructure management tool providing capability to implement infrastructure as code (IaC). Especially in Linux based implementations ansible is used heavily, however, it can support automation on Windows platform as well. Let’s learn some Linux IaC with ansible in the coming posts and in this post, lets try to setup an ansible installation on a Ubuntu 18.04 VM with python3 support, in Azure. Setting up user for ansible in the VM was explained in previous post “Create New Linux Admin User in Azure Ubuntu VM”.

Thursday 18 February 2021

Create New Linux Admin User in Azure Ubuntu VM

We can setup Linux VMs in Azure for various reasons. Maybe it is for setting up a Jenkins or Ansible server. If we are setting up Ansible on a Linux VM in Azure it is recommended to use a separate user with Admin permissions, instead of the default user who has the root access as well. This is beneficial as in case we need to reset access for the default user, we can do so without harming anything setup for Ansible. In this post let us look at steps to add an additional admin user to Ubuntu Linux VM in Azure and how we can enable ssh to the VM with that user.

Saturday 13 February 2021

Resolving 409 Access Denied in Azure Kudu and App Service Editor

Sometimes you may need to edit files especially the web.config or appsettings.json files after deploying your application to Azure App Service via Kudu or using App Service Editor to change the setting for diagnostic purposes etc. For example, may be you want to enable logs by setting stdoutLogEnabled to true. However, if your application is deployed to Azure App Service via Azure DevOps pipelines’ Azure App Service deployment task, you may run into 409 Access Denied error. Let’s understand why the error occurs and how we can enable editing the files, in your deployed Azure App Service application/Function apps via Kudu or using App Service Editor.

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