Tuesday 27 September 2016

Create First Team Project in TFS15 RC1 with VS15 Preview 4

You have two options to create Team Project with TFS15 RC1.
  1. Using VS15 Preview
  2. Using TFS Web Portal.
If you are creating with TFS web portal you will not be able to setup reporting services or SharePoint site.

Sunday 25 September 2016

TFS15 RC1 Setup Guide

This is a step by step guide on setting up TFS 15 RC1 for evaluation purpose. This a “go-live” release and supported by Microsoft support team. Requirements for TFS15 is specified here.image

Download  TFS15 RC1, ISO image or web installer.

Make sure you have installed supported SQL Server version, with reporting services in native mode.

  • SQL Server 2016
  • SQL Server 2014

Setup SharePoint Foundation 2013. This is optional. How to setup SharePoint Foundation 2013 is here.

Run the installer.01


Restart the machine03

Launch the TFS Admin Console after restart and start configuration wizard for “Configure Team Foundation Server”.04


Select new deployment and select advance configuration.06



Provide the SQL Server name and verify.09

Specify a service account for TFS.10

Specify a public URL for TFS.11

You have option to provide HTTP or HTTPS access.12


Optional search feature can be configured as well. More information of the feature here.13


Configure reporting.15

Report server urls are set to access local only.16



Configure optional SharePoint for TFS, if the SharePoint foundation is setup earlier. Make sure alternate access mappings for SharePoint urls properly set.19



Provide a project collection name and review.20


Run readiness checks.22


Accept download and install of JRE (java Runtime Environment) which is a prerequisite of Search feature, and run configure.24


JRE configuration might fail. If this happens manually download and install JRE.26

Download Java runtime 8u102 from here and install.27




Run the configuration wizard for TFS again and in readiness checks still shows JRE unavailability.31

This happens because JAVA_HOME is not properly set with JRE install. how to set JAVA_HOME is here. Setting JRE_HOME is not working for TFS, You have to set JAVA_HOME environment variable. Make sure to use the shortened path name.39

Readiness checks should pass and configuration of TFS should be successful.36



To configure report services urls for network access with FQDN follow the steps below. Click edit on Reporting  tab of TFS Admin Console.42

Test warehouse analysis services connectivity.43


Manually type in FQDN for report services urls.45


Reporting services set to use FQDN.47

Friday 9 September 2016

Deploy to Azure with TFS/VSTS–Region in Azure Web App Deployment

An error coming at random times on Azure Web App Deployment, release management task. When error occurred, message says “An error occurred when the request was processed on the remote computer”.image

Bit of investigation revealed, the region of the Azure Web App is actually in “South US”, and another in “Central Canada” while the relevant deployment step (Azure Web App Deployment), having “East US”.image


Fixing this to have correct region as per web app, resolved random failures in web app deployment.image


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