Monday 30 January 2017

Trigger a Release Based on Build Tag– VS Team Services

Visual Studio Team Services now supports triggering a release, in team services release management, when a defined tag is available in a completed build. This helps you to filter a build or builds, to get deployed via the release pipeline, out of builds that are successfully completed.
For example a build that is tagged as RTM, would trigger a release while another build, completed successfully, but with no tag is not triggering a deployment. In order to say a release should only be triggered with a given tag, it should be defined in the Triggers tab of the release definition.

Sunday 1 January 2017

Resolving “Deployment on this environment was cancelled.”

You might encounter “Deployment on this environment was cancelled.” when you have setup a new build/release agent and try to do a deployment, with on premise TFS. It is a confusing error message and not enough information at all to identify the issue. How to identify where the problem is easier if the agent is on premise. Then you have the ability to look at additional diagnostic logs. Lets look at one example scenario you are getting this error.

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