Wednesday 3 May 2017

Enable Conditional Build/Release Tasks in VSTS

TFS/VSTS new build and release management is providing great flexibility in implementing CI,CD pipelines. To further enhance the flexibility a new feature “Conditional Tasks” is introduced to Tasks of build and release management. This was a user voice request that got implemented and available as preview in Team Services. This new conditional control option let’s you execute a task base on few predefined conditions and using custom conditions.

Predefined conditions

  • Only when all previous tasks have succeeded
  • Even if a previous task has failed, unless the build was canceled
  • Even if a previous task has failed, even if the build was canceled
  • Only when a previous task has failed


To enable this feature for your team services account follow the steps described below.

In the team services we portal, click on your profile picture and in the menu, click Preview featuresimage

Preview features popup default shows preview features for your logged in user. This new Conditional task feature does not allow you to enable it only for you. You have to do it for the team services account. To view the new feature select for this accountimage

When for this account selected additional preview features will be shown and you can on/off “Task Conditions” feature.image

Switching this on, prompts with confirmation saying this affects to all users in your account. Click on Turn on to enable.image

Once switched on you can see additional drop down available in each task control options.image

You can read through documentation here to get more in-depth understanding of how the Custom conditions can be specified.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for yor posts! Do you know if there is a way to enable the same control options for tasks in Release? Or it isn't supported yet? Thanks!

Chaminda Chandrasekara said...

It is not yet supported in Release tasks... but hopefully will be there sooner..

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