Tuesday 3 July 2018

Integrating VSTS Package Feed to Octopus

Octopus deploy is used by many organizations as their continuous deployment tool. You can send a package to Octopus deploy server via VSTS build or release step, using  “Push Packages to Octopus” task comes with VSTS Marketplace extension named Octopus integration. However, if you prefer to use VSTS Package Management to store your packages, you can now consume them in Octopus by integrating with the VSTS Package Management feed. Let’s look at how to setup Octopus to consume VSTS Package Management feed packages. (We have discussed how to use VSTS Package Management feed as artifact source in VSTS Release Management in a previous post “Using NuGet Packages as VSTS Release Artifact Source”)

In Octopus you can add an external feed in the Library tab.image

You have to obtain the package feed url from VSTS, for the integration with Octopus. To get the url go to the Packages tab in the Build and Release tab and select the required feed. Then click on Connect to feed which will give a pop up window with NuGet feed url. This url is needed to configure the connectivity with Octopus.image

To authenticate the access to NuGet feed in VSTS you need to generate a PAT (Personal Access Token) with the scope of Package reading.image

Fill in the package feed url and the PAT into the Octopus feed creation window. You can provide any value for the name of the user and it should not be empty. Set retry attempts and intervals as appropriate and tick the option to “Make use of the extended API” which is supported with VSTS package feeds. Click on save and test to proceed.image

In the next window that appears click on test.image

You can search for a exact package name.image

Which will retrieve the package details including version of it.image

You can search for part of the name and all matching packages would be found. This confirms the connectivity with VSTS Package Management feed is established successfully and you can use the packages from the feed in Octopus deployment tasks.image

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