Wednesday 3 January 2018

Trigger Build Based on Label/Tag – VSTS/TFS

You might want to trigger a build for a team foundation version control (TFVC) Label applied previously or if you are using Git version control for a Tag. Git tags are quite nicely supported in TFS/VSTS web Interface, but Label in TFVC is still only manageable with the  Source Control explorer of Visual Studio. There is a user voice request to enable web experience for TFVC Labels, which you can also vote for Smile. Let’s explore how to trigger build based on Tag or Label with VSTS/TFS.


If you are using Git version control you can use the tag as shown below.

Tag in commitimage

Selecting Tag when queuing buildimage

Getting the source by tag for buildimage

Build done for tagimage


TFVC is not supporting label in Code tab of web interface. But it is supported in Visual Studio.

Queuing a build for code in TFVC label should be prefixed by ‘L’.image

For the label "TFVCSampleLabel" a build is queued like shown belowimage

Build done for Labelimage

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