Tuesday 27 February 2018

Cloning TFS 2018

How to clone TFS before TSF 2018 is explained in posts, Backing Up and Restoring Databases, Prepare Restored Databases and Configuring the AT. Out of these steps Backing Up and Restoring Databases is valid for TFS 2018. But you do not have to perform the Prepare Restored Databases as it can be done while configuring the Application Tier of the cloned TFS instance. Let’s look at valid steps for cloning TFS 2018.

You have to perform Backing Up and Restoring Databases and then on the restored databases you cannot run the TFSConfig PrepareClone as it is not available for TFS 2018.

TFSConfig PrepareClone /SQLInstance:sqlsvrname /DatabaseName:Tfs_Configuration /notificationURL:http://tfs:8080/tfs

But you may still run TFSConfig ChangeServerID command and TFSConfig RemapDBs command, on the restored databases but this step is not required as AT configuration wizard will allow you to perform that.

TFSConfig ChangeServerID /SQLInstance:sqlsvrname /DatabaseName:Tfs_Configuration

TFSConfig RemapDBs /DatabaseName:sqlsvrname;Tfs_Configuration /SQLInstances:sqlsvrname /AnalysisInstance:sqlsvrname /AnalysisDatabaseName:Tfs_Analysis

Required Steps

Backing Up and Restoring Databases

Install TFS 2018 on the clone Application Tier machine. Then run configuration wizard

Select to Configure Team Foundation Server

Select the existing database option
Specify the SQL server instance where the databases are restored and list the available databases.
Select the option to Clone a Deployment.
You would be able to see read only options are selected for remapping DBs, changing server IDs and removal of backup configuration to prevent any harm to your existing TFS 2018 instance that you are trying to create a clone.
Provide the account information for service account.image
Fill the rest of the wizard as per your requirements and you can setup reporting services etc.

Your cloned instance will be configured successfully.

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