Tuesday 19 February 2013

Set up TFS 2012 on Windows Server 2008 R2 - A quick guide to installation

After a year long break I thought of writing on ALM again. I am going to give set of steps to install TFS 2012 on a Single server. You can use TFS2012 on cloud with visualstudio.com, but installing/configuring it will give you a good experience and  in depth knowledge. Anyone planing to take MS certification exam for Administering Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 will have a definite advantage when you do all by yourself.

So lets start,

1. Install Win 2008R2
2. Change computer name and Setup as PDC or Add to existing domain - It is useful to configure your own domain if you are trying out in a VPC for learning purpose.
3. Install Web Server(IIS) Role with ASP.net and Basic Authentication
4. Install SQL 2012 Standard/Enterprise or developer (Express is not having Analysis Services/Reporting Services)
5. Install Sharepoint Foundation 2010 -- REMEMBER --> Do not configure now
6. Install Sharepoint Foundation 2010 SP1 --  Configure Sharepoint..Add TFS service account to Farm Administrators group of sharepoint...Create default team site
7. Install TFS 2012
8. Configure TFS 2012 in Advanced Mode, make sure to select the installed Sharepoint Foundation 2010 in the sharepoint configuration step.

Above is brief but that's all you need. Additionally you can install MS office/MS project to have a better ALM experience integrated with TFS 2012.

If you need more info or help...contact me.. :)

I hope to discuss more details on ALM with VS 2012 & TFS 2012 in coming weeks...


Chamara Iresh said...

Thanks for this information. If you could please add instructions on how to configure the TFS also.

Abdur Rahim said...

Nice Post... Keep it up!

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