Tuesday 28 June 2016

Make Agent Queues - Usable to Team Project Users–TFS 2015 Build/Release Agent Pool Usage Access in Build/Release Definitions

Agent queue in a TFS 2015 build definition will not be listed for team project administrator, even though he can save a build definition.image

To make agent pool available for the user creating a release or build definition in TFS 2015, you have to add to Agent queue users in the team project collection agent queues, “Agent Queue Users” role.image

This will make the queue available to the build/release definitions. But this will enable access to all agent queues.image

This happens because when you add to, it gets added to All queues level when you add as shown above. image

To restrict to a given agent remove from “Agent Queue Users” role, of the collection and add only to the relevant agent queue.image


This will make the user added only to the relevant queue, Agent Queue Users. Not to the collection role. image

Only the permission granted agent queue is available for the user.image

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