Tuesday 14 June 2016

Make Builds Run Faster

If your TFS builds are running too slow following might help, to reduce the time taken.image

1. Set the build to enable parallel running and use multiple MSBuild processes say 4 processes. /m:4 /p:BuildInParallel=true

Setting /m /p:BuildInParallel=true  is better to let the number of MSBuild instances auto decide depending on build agent capability. More info http://www.hanselman.com/blog/FasterBuildsWithMSBuildUsingParallelBuildsAndMulticoreCPUs.aspx

With this set, the build server (agent) is still taking considerable time, and build only reduced by by maximum 5 minutes.  In the build agent noticed Antimalware protection is running, taking lot of CPU, while the build is going on.image

2. In build agent windows defender or Endpoint Protection, exclude build agent installed folder and build working directories form scanning.image

This gives a good performance boost to the builds.image

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