Saturday 16 July 2016

VSTS Release Task – Download Artifacts – Filter for Given Artifact Name(s)

This extension “” for VSTS and TFS 2015.2.1 upwards, can be used to filter for build artifacts by name, and download only required artifact(s), to the release agent machine. The requirement for this extension is explained in post “Multiple Build Artifacts–TFS 2015/VSTS Builds”. Source code for this extension is available in Github.

Extension “” can be downloaded/installed from VSTS Marketplace. To install to VS Team Services click on install, or download for on-premise TFS 2015 (TFS 2015.2.1 upwards supported).image

Once installed, in release definition tasks a new task will be available under Utilities.image

Always add this task as first task of the release environment and make sure the environment is set to skip artifact download.image


The tasks comes with default filled values to behave as normal Download artifacts.image

Build artifact names should be specified in ; separated syntax. Or it can be a single artifact name. Or * for all Artifacts.DownloadArtifacts-02

Artifact destination is set default to behave as similar to, out of the box, build artifact download.DownloadArtifacts-01

This task will filter the build artifacts with given names and download only the specified ones.image


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im trying to use the Download Artifact Extension using an on premisis build agent.

The artifacts are not downloading using the all* verb or when specifing the artifact name.


Unknown said...

Does not work, no artifacts are downloaded event when using the * flag

Chaminda Chandrasekara said...

Will check and get back. BTW this should be used in VSTS/TFS. Release Management. Support only 2015.2.1 onwards. Could you add an issue in github with some screen shots

Unknown said...

Hi Chaminda

Sorry about the comment spamming, had some trouble with the blog site.

We realy want to use the extension, we hace an artifact drop containing multiple large artifacts, downloading only the part needed for a release would cut the deployment time by allot.

Thanks to the extension.

Chaminda Chandrasekara said...

Hi Christoff

No problem on comments spam.
To make it work you need to setup multiple drop folders as I have explained in the post. If you have error with the control send me screen shots release logs etc to my email (I sent a mail to your hotmail account) or add an issue to github link in this post with screenshots and release logs with your tfs version information. Will help you with any issues as quickly as I can. 😊

Chaminda Chandrasekara said...

Part of the drop downloading is not yet supported. I will look into possibility of implementing that. As a workaround for now break your large drop into multiple artifacts folders. That will allow you to download only required part.

Chaminda Chandrasekara said...

Multiple drop artifacts explained here

Ram said...

Hi Chaminda, When downloading the artifacts it is using single thread and is taking longer time than usual to download the artifacts, is there a way to do a parallel copy?

Chaminda Chandrasekara said...

Hi @Ram,
I will look into possibility of using parallel copy.

Anonymous said...

My build generates list of artifacts. I want to "Skip download of artifacts" in "Deployment group phase" and use this plug-in to download only specific artifact. Is it possible ?

Chaminda Chandrasekara said...

Yes you should be able to use it on deployment groups. If you run into any issue report it in GitHub or here. I will get it fixed.

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