Saturday 30 December 2017

Updating TFS Build Agents from Version 1.xx to 2.xx After TFS Upgrade 2018 from TFS 2015

If you have upgraded the TFS from TFS 2015 to TFS 2018 you will encounter a situation where your vNext build agents 1.xx are no longer valid. You will get a message in the Agent Pool/Queue indicating that the agents are deprecated and you need to migrate them. Let’s understand the steps required to migrate your TFS build agents from 1.xx to 2.xx.

The message you see would be similar to below. The please migrate link will take you to web page where you might be able to find how to get Agent version 2.xx etc., but it does not provide clear information on how should the agents shown as deprecated removed.image

Log on to the build machine and open a command prompt as administrator. Change the directory to the agent directory and remove the agent using the same ConfigAgent.cmd used to install the agent. When requested to enter name for agent press Ctrl+C and exit the process and agent will be removed. You should not try to manually remove the agent service from windows services, if you are running as a windows service, instead you should use the ConfigAgent.cmd with remove as shown in below figure.02

Download new agent version from your TFS and install as per the instructions available in


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