Sunday 28 July 2013

TFS 2012 - Scheduling Backups

It is very easy to create scheduled backups for TFS 2012, when you have TFS power tools installed ( Following is a step by step guide on, how to create a scheduled backup for TFS 2012.

1.  Open the TFS Admin Console -- > Scheduled Backups


2.  Provide a network location to backup files. Set the retention period for backups. Retention period specifies the number of days to keep the backups, before deleting the older backups to free disk space, for new backups

3. Select the TFS report server databases

4. It is important to create or use the existing encryption key.  this will be mandatory to restore reporting services.

5. Select the SharePoint databases 

6.  In this step you can setup email alerts for backup job failure & success.

7. Schedule the backups, how to set custom schedule example below.

8. Review the settings

9. Verify settings

10. Configure 

11. Great now all is set, and the schedule backup will run on the defined schedule.

12. You can even trigger backup manually to verify. By clicking on Take Full Backup Now.

 13. The backup files are copied to the network location.

It is recommended to copy these files to a may be tape drive occasionally to keep a backup of the backup.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chaminda, Thanks for your post!!

I have followed the same steps. But it was failing to delete the old backup files that were created before 14 days.They were not getting deleted. Do you have any ideas?

Shall we have to create the network map drive ?

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