Tuesday 9 July 2013

TFS 2013 - Web Access - MSF Agile - Backlog & Board

Lets have a quick look at few cool stuff that will be available with TFS 2013 in MSF Agile Template. With this release Microsoft added Feature work item representing a Feature that is implemented with many user stories. They have made the Backlog and the Board appearance consistent across Web Access Work tab.

Vertical color bars to denote different types of work items, giving a great look to the Board and the Backlog.

1. Feature Backlog

2. Feature Backlog - with User Stories

 3. Feature Backlog - with User Stories & Tasks

4. Ease of Access

5. Feature Board

6. Stories

7. Stories to Features

8. Stories to Tasks

9. Stories Board

10. Iteration Backlog

11. Iteration Board - Grouped by Stories

12. Iteration Board - Grouped byPeople

13. Queries

 Cool stuff...greater consistency...and await for more... as I explore in the coming weeks...

1 comment:

Tko said...

I love it. In item # 11 you show the "board" view of the backlog stories. Do you know if you can modify the query that populates that board view? If so, where do you go to do that?

Thanks in advance for your help

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