Thursday 15 August 2013

ALM - Productivity Enhancements - VS 2013 Enhanced Scrollbar

Enhanced Scroll bar is simple, but very useful feature included in upcoming VS 2013. Lets have a look what we can do with this.

To enable this feature you can right click on the scroll bar of the text editor -- > Select Scroll Bar Options.

You will get the below window where you can set the options as per your preference.

Once you enable Medium or Wide mode you can see the break points, bookmarks and lot of other information.

You can preview the areas of code that is not visible using the preview tool tip option by moving your mouse over the scroll bar.

Once you click on scroll bar you will be navigate to the code you previewed. Still you can see the cursor position in original place you left as in below image.

Once you click on code the cursor position correctly indicated in scroll bar.

Explore more with enabling and disabling options in Scroll Bar Options window... and enjoy VS 2013...

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